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Welcome to the 14C and 3H Laboratory web pages!

Laboratory for Low-level Radioactivities (14C and 3H Laboratory; in Croatian: LNA - Laboratorij za mjerenje niskih radioaktivnosti ) at the Rudjer Bošković Institute, Zagreb, Croatia, is a part of the Division for Experimental Physics of the Institute. The group studies radioactive (14C, 3H) and stable (2H, 13C, 18O) isotopes in nature and their application in archaeology, geology, hydrology, paleoclimatology, ecology and geochemistry, with the emphasis to the processes in karst regions. Collaborators of the Laboratory are also involved in development of techniques for tritium (3H) and radiocarbon (14C) measurements. Recently, the Laboratory introduced the chemical technique for graphite preparation of milligram-sized samples to be measured by accelerator mass spectrometry (AMS).




  Laboratory for Measurements of Low-level Radioactivity

  Rudjer Bošković Institute

  P.O.Box 180, Bijenička 54

  10001 Zagreb, CROATIA

   phone +385-1-4680-219; ...4560-943; ...4571-271

   fax +385-1-4680-239

Laboratory staff (by alphabetic order):

   Jadranka BAREŠIĆ, Ph.D. in chemistry, research associate: Jadranka.Baresic@irb.hr

   Damir BORKOVIĆ, Mag.phys., expert associate: Damir.Borkovic@irb.hr

   Nada HORVATINČIĆ, Ph.D. in chemistry, senior research scientist: Nada.Horvatincic@irb.hr
       head of Laboratory

   Ines KRAJCAR BRONIĆ, Ph.D. in physics, senior research scientist: Ines.Krajcar-Bronic@irb.hr

   Bogomil OBELIĆ, Ph.D. in physics, senior research scientist: Bogomil.Obelic@irb.hr
      retired, external collaborator

   Anita RAJTARIĆ, technician: Anita.Rajtaric@irb.hr

   Andreja SIRONIĆ, Ph.D. in chemistry, research assistant: Andreja.Sironic@irb.hr


WEB pages of European projects:

5th Framework program: ANTHROPOL.PROT (1 Jan.2003-31 Dec.2005)

6th Framework program: TRAINMONHER (15 Dec.2006-14 Dec.2008)

6th Framework program: AMS-14C (1 Jan.2007-31 Dec.2008)

7th Framework program: SOWAEUMED (1 Dec.12.2009- 30 Nov.2012)

7th Framework program: STRAVAL (1 July 2011-30 June 2015)


Croatian Physical Socienty (HFD)

Croatian Radiation Protection Society (CRPA)

International Radiation Physics Society (IRPS)

European Society for Radiation Res. (ESIR)

 visits since October 25, 2000